Sunday, January 20, 2013

Here's the FLAC (and ALAC) of my 10/2/99 remaster

Thanks to oneshowatatime for hooking me up with the link to his ALAC version, which is decoded and re-encoded to FLAC for more universality.

Click here to access my Google Drive remaster folder for the FLAC.


Anonymous said...

Really cool you're dedicating your time to this. I recently started playing final cut pro x to sync mostly LP sbd audio sources to some of the pre-existing video floating around.
1 project I want to do more then any other is my first show 10/3/99 which I have video for, but all of the audio sources I can find are pretty bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Unknown said...

link is dead. repost? thanks!

Kenny Powers said...

the ALAC link is dead but the google Drive link is good, you just have to copy and paste to a new browser.

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