Monday, July 9, 2012

New 5/22/00 RCMH remaster now up on Demonoid

Link to torrent

Demonoid was having some issues last time I checked so please be patient...hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.

This remaster goes out to requester Brian Rooney as a result of the donation he made to my upcoming walk.  The next donation-related request on tap is 12/2/95.  Please click on the graphic to the right to learn more about the cause!

***Please keep in mind:  I will remaster any show for anyone donating $20 or more - regardless of the quality of the available sources - and at the very least will get the remastered show back to the requestor.  If the remaster comes out reasonably well (like this 5/22/00 IMHO), I will post it on the blog, Demonoid, etc for all.  I only mention this because some shows have pretty rough sounding recordings and no amount of my tweaking will make it better...and may even make it worse.***

Enjoy, all.
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