Sunday, December 16, 2012

Who's got my heady 10/2/99 FLAC or mp3 remaster???

I only can find the AAC version, which I just uploaded to my Google Drive folder and changed the link on the blog post for that show.

If you or anyone you know has the original zip files from for either the mp3 or FLAC, please shoot me an email so I can get those up here.




oneshowatatime said...

Having trouble posting my comment for some reason, hopefully 3rd time's the charm... this is an ALAC created from your original FLAC. I may have updated some of the tags, but otherwise it's just Apple Lossless format. It's in my Dropbox:

Keep it up, KP!

Kenny Powers said...

Oops - sorry oneshow, I have to moderate comments before they're posted but i just fixed it.

Thanks much for the linkage!

oneshowatatime said...

Ah, gotcha. I thought it would let me know that the comment was pending or something. It just kept clearing the comment box and showing 0 comments with a fresh captcha image. Also saw that someone posted an orig source (I believe) on etree:

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