Thursday, November 29, 2012

The links for most of my remasters are now fixed. Will be storing on my Google Drive in v0 mp3

Hey folks, I just wanted to address some of the sporadic requests/inquiries about how people can get my remasters, now that every sharing site I previously posted them on has been borked by the Feds.

I just got myself a Chromebook which I am fucking thrilled to bits about, and it comes with 100GB of free Drive storage for 2 years.  Epic win right there.

Anyway the FLAC versions will just clog up too much room so I'm going to upload just the v0 versions.  If you really want the FLACs just do a couple searches, there should be enough heads out there with the files to share with you.

As for any plans for future remasters, I assure you i will do more at some point.  I've just been super busy, and also the fine folks at etree have been uploading so many new sources of old shows lately that the longer I wait, the better crop of possible choices is available to me.

Hope everyone is well.  I just passed 4 months sober and I feel incredible.  Life still has its challenges but being sober and present makes it so, so much easier.  Anyone out there who's been wanting to try it but is scared, you're not alone.  I say go for it.  You've got nothing to lose and the universe to gain.  Take it from a raging alcoholic who quit cold turkey and hasn't looked back.  It can be done.




Just2Jays said...

Good stuff...thanks for the update. stay well brah!

Kenny Powers said...

Thanks 2Jays!

david and mary grace said...

congrats on the sobriety!

Kenny Powers said...

Thanks man! I would say 13 months but I had a slip back in May so it's 5...but who's counting :)

david and mary grace said...

On a side note, I noticed that the 3.13.93 remaster you did isn't in your google drive. Do you, perchance, happen to still have it anywhere?

Kenny Powers said...

Oh shoot, you're right! I'll have to look for that, although I have the vague memory that I lost the files. Worst case I should be able to get them from one of my Phish pals. That My Girl Weekapaug is glorious!!!

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