Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Anyone still have the following FLAC remasters from my old blog links?

Hope everyone who needed them is enjoying the FLACs i tossed up on Demonoid.  I'm sorry there's not another equally reliable place that doesn't require an invite....just ask around and keep checking, sometimes they open registration.

Somehow, I am missing my FLAC files for the following remasters:

9/17/00 (i have set II + e, need set I)

If anyone out there has held on to the FLACs they got from my old MegaUpload links, can you pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top shoot me an email at phishauds at Gmail?   Lord knows what functioning file-sharing sites still exist, but you can either upload them somewhere and give me the links, and i'll put them back into one master folder and upload them to my Demonoid page.  Either that or an old school B&P CD burn or whatevs.



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