Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MediaFire links for newest 3 remasters

I can't promise anything time-wise regarding my previous efforts that were wiped off the planet when MegaUpload got seized, but here are mp3 links via MediaFire for my three most recent ones. 

Of course, I recommend grabbing the FLAC versions if you have a Demonoid account and that will typically be my priority going forward, but I also want them to be readily available for those who don't care for FLAC or don't have Demonoid accounts.  These will also hopefully be on the Spreadsheet soon.

12/13/97:  set I 
                 set II

7/25/99: set I
              set II

9/12/99:  set I
              set II



Greg said...

Oh sure, AFTER I finally get my Demonoid account! Thanks for these. I do ultimately prefer the FLAC anyway.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kenny Powers! Look forward to the new remasters! -- WholeTour!

Anonymous said...

any chance you could toss the FLAC version of the 2000-07-04 remaster up on demonoid

Charlie said...

Is there any way to get the FLAC of the 9/12/99 show still? Or is that shot now with demonoid gone? I'd really like to get 9/17/00 if its possible. Thanks a ton for all of these by the way.

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