Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Re: Megaupload

hey everyone,

i have to be honest - i had no idea Megaupload had been seized until just now!  I followed the whole SOPA/PIPA thing but was not aware about MegaUp.  Probably for the best anyway, as that site has pissed me off too many times!

Anyway, please be patient with me getting the remasters back up, since I've been very busy and not working on the blog much.  I have a premium Filesonic account so that's what I plan to go with.

Thanks for following,




Just2Jays said...

Hold up...Filesonic has also changed its service because of the MegaUp shenanigans.

They don't allow public downloads anymore...only uploads.

Kenny Powers said...


Anonymous said...

Looks like you got my email ;)

Perhaps mediafire will work?

Charlie said...

How hard would it be to put them up on demonoid? I'd love to grab that 9/14/99 show, was about to break it out and thought to look here before listening to that bass-y aud. Demonoid was just a thought, hope all is well with everything else.

Kenny Powers said...

Putting them on Demonoid would be great for me, but not every one has an account there and i don't want to leave anyone out. I also would rather not upload everything twice.

Any more ideas for filesharing sites that hopefully won't go down any day now??? That's what sucks...I don't want to have to do this over and over. And I really liked FileSonic!


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