Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Updated versions of Leaked SBD projects now up

please see the original post here.  Enjoy!

11/2/11 note:  My apologies for the following errors I realized after uploading all the files.  Will fix these for the next edition

-material from '98 Shoreline benefit (acoustic) should be labeled 10/17, not 10/18.

-the following are instances where multiple tracks are from the same show but I screwed up the tags and
  they will be out of order in media players that arrange by file name:
6/20/95: should go Spock's - Mike's
8/17/97: should go DWD - Gin - Hood
8/7/98: should go Ghost - Forbin
8/15/98: should go Reba - Gumbo
10/17/98: should go Velvet - Hood - Helpless
12/31/98: should go Ghost- Cities
12/31/99: should go Sand/QT - After Midnight rep.
7/18/99: should go Piper - Jim -Free

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