Tuesday, July 5, 2011

coming soon....updates to both Leaked SBDs Projects

the updates will contain the newly circulated SBDs (and possibly majorly upgraded SBDs previously available) from Live Bait 5, the Superball From The Archives, and the half dozen (so far?) leaked tracks from the House of LivePhish at Superball IX.

probably still at least a week away but stay tuned....

(7/13 EDIT ) there are rumors that all the FTA material will surface in FLAC very soon, and will hopefully be pr-FM or at least upgrades from what we have now, although the day 1 tracks sound fantastic and much better than days 2 and 3, at least the ones i have (thanks to fenningenarius for the great job ripping and uploading those).  so i'm going to hold off a bit on updating these projects, since i like to avoid redundant work.
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