Tuesday, May 24, 2011


And now it's time for the customary day after "shit, I thought I triple-checked everything" moments. 

Regarding my removal of 8/1/98 Tweezer (recentky released on Wisconsin Edition), someone just reminded me that the same track included Fluffhead after the Tweezer.  Shit.  Eh, guess I'll split the track and add the Fluff back on my next revision.  I don't think it's an Earth-shattering version or anything (like the one at Alpine the following year).  If I get a chance I'll see if I can add the track by itself and have it fall into correct sequence...I just don't want to mess up the chronological order because that was a tedious process and I want to keep the end result in tact.

Also, I just dragged my new main compilation into iTunes and it looks like I forgot to edit the comment tags for the new Live Bait tracks (all the tracks should say where they come from in the comment field).  That should be easy enough for you to add, but sorry about that.  

Also, for whatever reason my Spock's Brain 6/20/95 track title starts with "1995-06-20..." rather than the name of the song.  Pretty nit-picky and not a biggie, but just a tiny inconsistency that I'm annoyed I somehow missed.

That's it for now...

Monday, May 23, 2011

New Updates To Both Leaked SBD Projects

Alrighty, the recent release of Live Bait 4 (past summer compilation for leg 1 2011 venues/cities) has prompted me to do an upgrade to both compilations.  For the main compilation, the only difference from the last version is the addition of the Live Bait tracks and the subtraction of 8/1/98 Tweezer (since it is part of Wisconsin Edition and is in better quality there). ***OOPS*** someone just reminded me that the same track included Fluffhead after the Tweezer.  Shit.  Eh, guess I'll split the track and add the Fluff back on my next revision.  I don't think it's an Earth-shattering version or anything (like the one at Alpine the following year).

More of an overhaul was done to the "Tier 2" compilation, such as removing four instances of Shapiro banter, editing the tags so that certain files play in the correct order now, and the addition of four other tracks someone graciously alerted me to: 

Rift 7/5/94, Reba > Yerushalayim... 7/8/94, Izabella 12/6/97, SOAM 11/6/98

The Izabella and SOAM were part of Kevin Shapiro's MySpace page a while back.  Unfortunately (and correct me if I am wrong) these were only offered in 80 kbps mp3 and suffer from some pretty harsh compression.  The cymbals and hi-hat in SOAM sound awful, but the rest of the music sounds pretty solid.  This is a real shame because it means the original master track is of a very high quality.  Hopefully we'll see it as a pre-FM FTA one day!  I'm not sure where the other two tracks came from.  Any credible info is appreciated.

I mention this info in the main blog post for the SBD comps, but I'll reiterate here:

-if you already downloaded the previous versions and just want the new tracks and the tracks whose tags were edited to fall into the correct sequence, just download the "extra files" folders I've linked to in the main post.  Be aware that if your media player (or iPod, whatever) orders tracks by track number and you just drop these new files into the same folder, the ordering may be all screwed up since I have re-numbered all the tracks from start to finish.  If your player goes by filename, you will be all set.  If you're not sure or confused on how to re-tag your own files, I suggest deleting what you have and grabbing the updated links.  If you do decide to just drop the new files into your exisiting folder, for Tier 2 I would first delete the tracks that will be replaced by the newly tagged ones (i.e. everything in this new "extra files" folder except those 4 new tracks)

-One last thing:  I've had a couple folks mention that the playlist would have a smoother, more polished feel if the tracks were crossfaded and not as abrupt.  I agree, but this is something that makes more sense to be done on the user end upon playback.  If I re-process them with crossfades, you may not prefer the length of my crossfades, and then the files are permanently altered.  Almost any media player or software can crossfade on the fly.  I have a Droid and the PowerAmp app kicks ass (free trial, $5 or $6 to buy), and you can set it to crossfade any tracks that are not in a gapless format already.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Leaked SBD Tracks Project will soon have a big update!!!

Living under a rock the past week and just heard the news that we'll have another "past summer compilation" release of SBD tracks, which I assume will be at 256 mbps mp3.  But considering how damn good last year's tracks sounded, I'm fine with that.  Of course FLAC's would be sweeeet :)

You can find my main compilation and my "tier 2" compilation of lesser audio quality here.  There still may be active torrents on Demonoid for both, but I haven't checked in a while.

More to come...


Sunday, May 1, 2011

fall '98 highlights

this is totally random, but a friend of mine put together a list of his highlights from fall '98 and i burned it to 2 CDs for my Easter highway drive (i will be so pumped to have an aux jack installed in my '02 Acura this week!).

these are not remastered and the quality varies....the 11/11 AUD is probably the best sounding tape from the tour.  As a matter of fact, that show has been requested a couple times for a remaster, but i declined because i really can't improve it.  suprisingly crisp high end for an arena AUD.  the Denver Gin is not the greatest quality but trust me, stick with it and you will be rewarded.

Jtran's fall '98 highlights

11/4 Gin and Piper, 11/6 Split, 11/7 Bag, 11/9 Gin, 11/11 Gumbo and Halley’s, 11/18 Wolfman’s

for those interested (and why wouldn't you be), here's the unabridged highlight list:

10/29 – Reba > Walk Away > Simple > Albuqurque
10/30 – set II
10/31 – Sneakin Sally, Mike’s > Frankie Says, Wolfman’s
11/2 – Tube > Drowned > JJLC, LxL, YEM
11/4 – Gin, Frankie Says > Bowie, Piper > 2001 Highly recommend this overlooked show
11/6 – Split, Simple > Caspian $$$ first of the transcendent Simples this tour
11/7 – Mikes (end is nice), Bag > Ghost
11/8 – DWD > Piper
11/9 – Free, GIN!
11/11 – $$$ Gumbo, set II is great, in particular the Halley’s and Ghost
11/13 – DWD, Meat > Hood (10 min Meat)
11/14 – Tweezer > Moma, Bowie is standard but long and good
11/15 – kinda sucks
11/18 – another standard long but good Bowie (theme of fall 98 Bowies it seems), Wolfmans > Lizard (THE HEAT), Slave
11/19 – 2001 > RnR > Taste, Gumbo > CDT not the greatest show, but RnR > Taste is real nice
11/20 – Split, Gin > Piper, Hood (not the greatest version but notably much faster then lots of others it seems)
11/21 – Mike’s > Simple (Simple being one of the best jams of tour)
11/24 – Stash, Ghost > Halley’s > Tweezer > Possum
11/25 – 2001 > Golgi, Drowned > Caspian
11/27 – Mikes > Hydrogen > Weekapaug
11/28 – Wolfman’s > Timber
11/29 – LxL > Catapault > Kung > Maze, Simple, Gin

enjoy.  i did.

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