Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Updated versions of Leaked SBD projects now up

please see the original post here.  Enjoy!

11/2/11 note:  My apologies for the following errors I realized after uploading all the files.  Will fix these for the next edition

-material from '98 Shoreline benefit (acoustic) should be labeled 10/17, not 10/18.

-the following are instances where multiple tracks are from the same show but I screwed up the tags and
  they will be out of order in media players that arrange by file name:
6/20/95: should go Spock's - Mike's
8/17/97: should go DWD - Gin - Hood
8/7/98: should go Ghost - Forbin
8/15/98: should go Reba - Gumbo
10/17/98: should go Velvet - Hood - Helpless
12/31/98: should go Ghost- Cities
12/31/99: should go Sand/QT - After Midnight rep.
7/18/99: should go Piper - Jim -Free



Anonymous said...

why did you make a tier 1 and tier 2 instead of one combined folder?

Anonymous said...

Because the tracks wary wildly in terms of audio quality and I wanted separate them accordingly. Most of leaked SBDs are what I would consider master quality, I.e. direct SBDs from Shapiro as in Live Baits, or pre-FMs of the Archives broadcasts. However sometimes they are more static-y FM rips or highly compressed and possibly transcoded from loss to lossy. There are some FTAs that I haven't even included in Tier 2 because they sound so shitty...as in worse than the avalailable AUDs.

halbie said...


First and foremost, this is fantastic, thanks!

I'm trying to put these into one "album" in iTunes, and I can't figure out why seven tracks seem different than the rest (when sorting "album by artist"). I've tinkered with the "Get Info" settings for all of the tracks, but to no avail.

The seven oddball tracks by track number are:
10 Bowie 9-20-1991
11 Div. Sky 8-3-1991
17 Wilson 3-13-1993
18 Antelope 3-13-1993
25 It's Ice 8-20-1993
26 Wedge 8-20-1993
30 SOAM 11-6-1994

any ideas?

thank you

Kenny Powers said...

i think i know the problem - it seems as though whoever tagged the original tracks for those that you mentioned put "Phish" under both "artist" AND "album artist", whereas all the other tracks do not have anything under "album artist". I used mp3Tag to do my track editing and apparently it doesn't even show me the option of"album artist". Sorry about that. I guess if you just highlight those tracks and delete "Phish" from "album artist" you should be all set. I arrange mine by "artist" and it falls into the correct order.

halbie said...


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