Monday, October 31, 2011

re: bad link for part 2 of Leaked SBD Project

thank you for your patience - i have the newly updated projects ready to go, i just need to finish tagging the files and upload them to my Megaupload account.  I hope to do this Monday night.  I will also put them onto Demonoid in torrent form, which could be especially helpful for the main comp which is now up to 2.6 GB.

New additions for the main compilation include tracks from Live Baits 5 and 6 as well as tracks from the House of Live Phish tent at SBix.

New additions to Tier 2 include just about all of the SBix From The Archives tracks (a couple were already available in similar SBD quality).  I decided to put the FTA stuff on tier 2 because they were web rips of widely varying quality, and one of the broadcasts was overblown in terms of the levels.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the music and all your hard work. How do I find the torrent files?

Kenny Powers said...

there are linked in the blog post for the SBD project, which you can get to by clicking on the link above this post.

Anonymous said...

thanks, doesnt look like it will actually give me the link to the torrent file though\, just the page. If I cant login (not a member) then I assume I cant use the torrent?

Kenny Powers said...

That is correct, you need an account. If you know someone who's on there you can try to get an invite code. Otherwise they open registration to all every now and then.

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