Monday, October 17, 2011

An Evening With Phish And Not Kid Rock: 9/29/00

Set 1: Carini, Rift, Frankenstein, Mellow Mood, Wilson > Spock's Brain > Bathtub Gin > Character Zero
Set 2: Dinner and a Movie, The Moma Dance > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Fluffhead > Meatstick

sorry brah...

 Q.  (from request page)  January 27, 2011 9:26 AM 
"One more "Request" if you will, please...Would it be possible to Remaster the fantastic 9/29/00 specifically to omit the non-band-member(dealer)vocalist- (i.e. second set, encore)- leaving only stellar Phish and a drop-kick setlist? (just a dream I had)."

A FLAC    mp3     AAC. show page

I combed thru 4 or 5 sources of this show and found a great recording one which seems to not be from etree.  It came with a text file so I'll be able to provide full credits to the transferer/seeder, but it seems to be something I picked up from a fellow phan's stash and did not originate from etree.  Anyway it sounds better to me than any of the other sources.  For a FOB, there is a remarkably low amount of nearby chatter.

*PLEASE NOTE*  the Carini file I have is corrupted for this source, so I patched it with an EQ-tweaked version of the Schoeps cmc6/mk21 source (etree shnid 1641).  That source is a bit muffled and the kick drum is a bit's not bad by any means but IMO the main source i used for the remained sounds much more dynamic and clean IMO.  




Anonymous said...

Amazing job, the show sounds Ghetto-Fab!
Requesting: Is it at all possible to include the music minus Kids vocals from the rest of set II? (or at least leveled to tolerance)
Thanks, I never thought you'd honor my (incoherant) request; and I definitely didn't want to stir controversy in the community.
Cheers and accolades,

Kenny Powers said...

unfortunately that's not possible with an AUD. if you had a multitrack SBD mix and you had access to all the individual tracks, you could just leave out KR's vocals....but an AUD recording is just a single track captured by the taper's mic(s).

maybe as a compromise i can just provide the rest of the show as a separate link. i'm pretty surprised about some of the hate on an unnamed board about my decision....i figured it was just something different and interesting. i mean, if you don't like it don't grab it but no need to hate.

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