Tuesday, July 5, 2011

coming soon....updates to both Leaked SBDs Projects

the updates will contain the newly circulated SBDs (and possibly majorly upgraded SBDs previously available) from Live Bait 5, the Superball From The Archives, and the half dozen (so far?) leaked tracks from the House of LivePhish at Superball IX.

probably still at least a week away but stay tuned....

(7/13 EDIT ) there are rumors that all the FTA material will surface in FLAC very soon, and will hopefully be pr-FM or at least upgrades from what we have now, although the day 1 tracks sound fantastic and much better than days 2 and 3, at least the ones i have (thanks to fenningenarius for the great job ripping and uploading those).  so i'm going to hold off a bit on updating these projects, since i like to avoid redundant work.


Charlie said...

FLAC would be sweet, hear anything else on that rumor?

Kenny Powers said...

no word yet...hopefully soon!

B. said...

Just one quick thing I noticed is that the Madison '98 Split Open and Melt is a significant upgrade. In my FTA copy the newer is perhaps a bit lower in gain but there's none of that compression warbling in the old version.

...and it's a dangerously funky 15min killing machine.


B. said...

Oh....and I just remembered something else I noticed about another track in the LSP (well, my download of it anyway).

It seems that the duration tags for the Columbus '98 Cities clocks it in at 01:26:33-which caused my player to repeat it more than a few times before I figured out what was going on.

Just had it in mmy mind to let you know someday. and I guess that's today!

Kenny Powers said...

yup, i noticed the same thing and was immediately so pumped we got an upgrade to that shimmer-filled compression-y mess from before.

Kenny Powers said...

about that Cities issue (there was a similar issue w/ the Fluff and Foggy Mtn breakdown), that happened after i lopped off the Kevinspeak and reprocessed the files. not sure how to avoid that, hope it's not too annoying!

B. said...

As to how to avoid it...its just a fuX0r3d-up mp3 tag - either noting an end-time quantity or total length quantity. And tags are just "text", in the most general sense, whether its song length or song title. I'm not sure if you're PC/mac/*nix, but there are lots of freeware tag editors for all and even iTunes will work in a pinch if you had to use it....though, you shouldn't need to as googling 'mp3 tag editor' gives 5/6/7lbs of free options.

So if its a recurring thing (3 tunes and counting, I guess... *grin*) its an easy fix, at least! You don't need to "re-process" them, just open 'em with a tag editor.

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