Tuesday, May 24, 2011


And now it's time for the customary day after "shit, I thought I triple-checked everything" moments. 

Regarding my removal of 8/1/98 Tweezer (recentky released on Wisconsin Edition), someone just reminded me that the same track included Fluffhead after the Tweezer.  Shit.  Eh, guess I'll split the track and add the Fluff back on my next revision.  I don't think it's an Earth-shattering version or anything (like the one at Alpine the following year).  If I get a chance I'll see if I can add the track by itself and have it fall into correct sequence...I just don't want to mess up the chronological order because that was a tedious process and I want to keep the end result in tact.

Also, I just dragged my new main compilation into iTunes and it looks like I forgot to edit the comment tags for the new Live Bait tracks (all the tracks should say where they come from in the comment field).  That should be easy enough for you to add, but sorry about that.  

Also, for whatever reason my Spock's Brain 6/20/95 track title starts with "1995-06-20..." rather than the name of the song.  Pretty nit-picky and not a biggie, but just a tiny inconsistency that I'm annoyed I somehow missed.

That's it for now...

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