Sunday, May 1, 2011

fall '98 highlights

this is totally random, but a friend of mine put together a list of his highlights from fall '98 and i burned it to 2 CDs for my Easter highway drive (i will be so pumped to have an aux jack installed in my '02 Acura this week!).

these are not remastered and the quality varies....the 11/11 AUD is probably the best sounding tape from the tour.  As a matter of fact, that show has been requested a couple times for a remaster, but i declined because i really can't improve it.  suprisingly crisp high end for an arena AUD.  the Denver Gin is not the greatest quality but trust me, stick with it and you will be rewarded.

Jtran's fall '98 highlights

11/4 Gin and Piper, 11/6 Split, 11/7 Bag, 11/9 Gin, 11/11 Gumbo and Halley’s, 11/18 Wolfman’s

for those interested (and why wouldn't you be), here's the unabridged highlight list:

10/29 – Reba > Walk Away > Simple > Albuqurque
10/30 – set II
10/31 – Sneakin Sally, Mike’s > Frankie Says, Wolfman’s
11/2 – Tube > Drowned > JJLC, LxL, YEM
11/4 – Gin, Frankie Says > Bowie, Piper > 2001 Highly recommend this overlooked show
11/6 – Split, Simple > Caspian $$$ first of the transcendent Simples this tour
11/7 – Mikes (end is nice), Bag > Ghost
11/8 – DWD > Piper
11/9 – Free, GIN!
11/11 – $$$ Gumbo, set II is great, in particular the Halley’s and Ghost
11/13 – DWD, Meat > Hood (10 min Meat)
11/14 – Tweezer > Moma, Bowie is standard but long and good
11/15 – kinda sucks
11/18 – another standard long but good Bowie (theme of fall 98 Bowies it seems), Wolfmans > Lizard (THE HEAT), Slave
11/19 – 2001 > RnR > Taste, Gumbo > CDT not the greatest show, but RnR > Taste is real nice
11/20 – Split, Gin > Piper, Hood (not the greatest version but notably much faster then lots of others it seems)
11/21 – Mike’s > Simple (Simple being one of the best jams of tour)
11/24 – Stash, Ghost > Halley’s > Tweezer > Possum
11/25 – 2001 > Golgi, Drowned > Caspian
11/27 – Mikes > Hydrogen > Weekapaug
11/28 – Wolfman’s > Timber
11/29 – LxL > Catapault > Kung > Maze, Simple, Gin

enjoy.  i did.



Mike said...

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I think you need to edit and add one highlight. The Split at the Kohl Center not only was a psychedelic visual treat, it was an overlooked version that needs you to do it proud. Please go back and revisit, this list will not be complete without it!

Mike said...

Nevermind....I overlooked it was right beneath my nose. As you were.

Re-Bah said...

"If I re-process them with crossfades, you may not prefer the length of my crossfades, and then the files are permanently altered." - Not to mention that you'd be re-compressing compressed files. You would definitely notice a degradation in sound quality. Glad you decided against this! Thanks for all your hard work on this!

Kenny Powers said...

But not if you're working w/ FLAC or WAV, right?

Kenny Powers said...

Oh wait - you're probably talking about the Leaked SBDs project. In that case, I think I have heard that there's software out there than can apply crossfades to lossy tracks and not re-compress. Unless I've got my facts jumbled. Anyway glad you concur, I personally like to keep the bit rate maxed always. Love me some 24-bit AUDs!!!

Re-Bah said...

Only if the person who put this together also has all of these songs as a lossless source. (wav or flac, shn, etc.) But since (and correct me if I'm wrong) this compilation was put together from the Live Bait series, Shapiro Archives, etc., I'm guessing the creator of this project only has the mp3 files to work with, since that's how they were originally released. Even if you convert an mp3 to a wav file, it doesn't improve the sound quality. Once a song file is compressed to a lossy mp3 format, you can never get that quality back, unless you have the original lossless source file. So my point in my original comment was that even if you open an mp3 file, crossfade it, and save it again as an mp3, you're compressing an mp3 into an even more compressed mp3... Hence "re-compressed. It WILL sound worse. I hope this made sense!

Kenny Powers said...

No that totally makes sense (and I'm the creator of this project). At first I thought you were talking about the "fall '98 highlights" playlist I made b/c that's the page you left your comment on. You're correct that the Leaked SBDs one is all lossy. FWIW some of the From The Archives files I had were actually FLAC but I compressed to mp3 so the whole project would be mp3 (so people w/ non-FLAC portables or iPhones wouldn't be screwed).

Re-Bah said...

Funny- not sure how I ended up posting in the wrong thread. Sorry for the confusion!

Kenny Powers said...

No worries mate!

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