Monday, January 17, 2011

SBD project update

I appreciate the suggestions, keep ‘em comin’! I’ve had a lot of people mentioning “what about this” or “that” but they’re almost always tracks from FTA broadcasts that are only available as FM rips, some plagued with static and others sounding pretty solid.  I was really hoping to limit the project to pre-FMs for quality’s sake. However, if the FM rips are the best we have at this point and if the goal is for this to be an ever-evolving and updated project, maybe I should include the tracks from the FM rips and just replace them if/when we get upgrades….if that’s the general consensus.  Thoughts?  Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments within this post.

Examples of such FM-rip-only (or web rip?) tracks would be

7-30-97 Bowie > Cities > Bowie
6-28-00 Gin
9-14-99 Bag and 12-29-95 The Real Gin (these were from a LivePhish radio webrip apparently...I don't have The Real Gin)

among others.  I've also heard requests for tracks from 11-28-97 and 12-11-97 (a la Phish Destroys America) but those shows are already available in their entirety in SBD form.

Someone mentioned other tracks from Cypress that have been leaked as SBD, like SOAM > Catapult, C&P, others....but the only versions I've heard are at horribly slow pitch. If anyone has a pitch-corrected version I'd be glad to get ahold of it and will add them to the project.

I already somewhat regret adding the Halley's from 11-22-97 because i learned after the fact that it's from not only an FM rip of a FTA, but is possibly a transcode, which would make sense because you can hear some compression issues with the cymbals and some of the "s" vocals.  Guess I pulled the trigger too soon because a couple people informed me pretty quickly that it's from one of the random FTAs that is not associated with a Phish festival broadcast.  I only personally have the FTAs from the festivals.


Anonymous said...

W'oh where do you get 11-28-97 ins SBD?

Kenny Powers said...

It's on etree. Only available as a lossy transcode...I believe it started out in AAC form and was transcoded to 320 mp3. The fact that it still sounds good means the original lossless source must sound SICK, wherever it may be.

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