Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Sorry about all the confusion re: updated links and missing tracks.  My plan tonight is to re-upload the entire project (with those extra tracks added in and tagged to fall in the correct order) into one zipped file, one link.  And it won't be a MegaUpload link - I've been losing patience with their pop-ups,  buggy performance, and randomn "file unavailable" screens. 

I'm also going to create a separate link that will include all the exclusive leaked SBDs from all the "post-FM" From The Archives and LivePhish radio webcasts, which are of listenable quality but a big step below the quality of the main project.  I am not uploading anything from the Clifford Ball or Festival 8 days one and two because they sound awful.  Hopefully we will see upgrades at some point.  Oddly enough the 3rd day of the Festival 8 FTA broadcast sounds quite good for an FM rip.

I figured at the very least this might be helpful for people to have even the sub-par leaked SBDs all grouped together and see which ones they may be missing from their personal collections.  I decided I wanted to keep the main project all pre-FMs and other direct, "master" copies (even if some are lower bit rate mp3). 

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