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TAB - February 2010 Tour Downloads (not remasters)

This post is in honor of the upcoming TAB show at The Hangout. It just felt too weird to not post anything for two weeks while I'm on vacation, so I prepped this in advance so I could just click "post" from a coffee shop down near the beach when the time came.  It's totally random in that it's the only non-Phish (technically) I've made available here, and they are NOT remasters.  These are pretty much all great-sounding AUDs from tiny venues, so aside from the uber-chatty fans near the tapers (which can't be fixed anyway), there's really nothing to remaster.

2/8 Charlottesville, VA - Jefferson Theatre
2/9 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
2/11 Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory
2/12 Boston, MA - House of Blues
2/13 Wallingford, CT -  Oakdale Theatre
2/14 Red Bank, NJ - Count Basie Theatre
2/16 New York, NY - Terminal 5
2/18 Milwaukee, WI - The Pabst Theater
2/19 Chicago, IL - Riviera Theatre
2/20 Minneapolis, MN - State Theatre
2/21 Kansas City, MO - Uptown Theatre
2/23 St. Louis, MO - The Pageant
2/25 Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium
2/26 Charlotte, NC - The Fillmore
2/27 Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle
2/28 Knoxville, TN - Tennessee Theatre

Huge thanks go out to Duanebase, seeding extraordinaire, for supplying the files and hard work for this project that he had going on the green board recently.  Aside from 2/20, these are all his files which I have rearranged and streamlined a bit (more on that below).  If you already grabbed his files from that green board thread, nothing is new here except 2/20.

Anyway, he ID-tagged all the files and embedded them with some super cool album art, many of which look like the official show posters.  He then converted the FLACs to v0 mp3.  He posted at least one, sometimes two or three, sources for each show as the tour progressed.

I thought it might be convenient to have links for just one source for every show, since a lot of folks on the green board were in a quandary as to which source to download.  Thankfully we have audio quality aficionado El Duderino over at Miner's PhishThoughts, who gave us play-by-play on the best sources as they popped up in the Etree db.  So, for the shows where Duanebase had multiple sources up, I chose El Dude's recommendations (which after sampling myself I agree are the best) for the one show I would link here.  I should mention that the above list of what I feel are the "best" sources was compiled shortly after tour ended, so any new sources that may have popped up in Etree's db were not considered for this post.

Otherwise, the only difference between Duanebase's links and mine above are the following:

-he had split each show into 2 folders due to Mediafire's 200 MB file limit, and you had to DL each folder as well as the source text files and album art files (in case you want those) seperately.  I've eliminated a few steps by placing everything for each show in its own single folder, via MegaUpload.

-at the time of Duanebase's last thread on the green board, the mysteriously hard to find 2/20 show still had no sources on Etree.  Since then, two have surfaced (as of last week, anyway), and I've chosen what I feel to be the clearly superior source.  It's still a step below most of the tour in audio quality, but trust me - it's better than the only other source.  Anyway I tagged those files and used the guitar-through-heart TAB tour logo as the artwork. 


Monday, April 19, 2010

7.13.99 Great Woods, Mansfield, MA show page

Set 1: NICU, The Curtain, Halley's Comet -> Roses Are Free -> NO2, Lawn Boy, Reba > Carini > Funky Bitch

 Set 2: Wolfman's Brother > Piper, Bug, Mountains in the Mist, Run Like an Antelope > Possum

Encore: Tuesday's Gone

Notes: NO2 was played for the first time since July 16, 1994 (355 shows) and, for the first known time, included the instrumental ending originally included on The White Tape. Reba was unfinished and dissolved into Carini. Antelope included Meatstick teases and Trey acknowledging his friends Dave and Luann Abrahams, who were in the crowd. Scott Murawski joined the band on Possum and the Phish debut of Tuesday’s Gone.

v0 mp3 .zip file

Ah, Great home venue.  So many memories, especially back before they added all those open air reserved seats...back when it was actually fun to be on the lawn.  Now the "lawn" is a tiny crosswise strip in the way back.  Sorry, end of rant.  I still love the place :)  And sorry, I'm not labeling these files "Tweeter Center" even if it was officially called that at the time, and documents it as such...just can't do it.

This show has been requested multiple times, and I feel I've taken a long enough break from '99 to come back to it.  You're gonna see (and have already seen) a bunch of '99 and '00 on this blog, first of all because I'm rediscovering it after all these years and am way into the jamming style of that period, and secondly because a lot of the AUDs from those years seem to be in need of an EQ tweak, IMO.

This remaster was done from an OTS pull by way of a Schoeps cmc6/mk41 mic (etree shnid 32444).  It's got great energy, nice and loud and with a superb stereo image.  I just felt there was this thin veil of fuzz preventing the notes from piercing through the air on their way to the mics, so in typical fashion I've applied some ghetto-fabulous tweaks to the EQ in search of a clearer listen.


p.s. - I've decided to include the set list and footnotes info from right in the posts, as well as provide the link.  A main reason I wanted to link people to the show's page is that sometimes there are show reviews there, as well as other tidbits such as gap charts, who was at the show, stats, etc.  But I figured folks might like a snapshot of the set list right in the post.  I welcome feedback as to whether you like it or if it's too much clutter.  Thanks!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

10.12.90 Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC show page

Set 1: Suzy Greenberg, You Enjoy Myself, Dinner and a Movie > Bouncing Around the Room, Uncle Pen, Cavern, Esther, Tweezer, Golgi Apparatus

Set 2: Possum, Fee, The Landlady, Hold Your Head Up > Terrapin > Hold Your Head Up, The Divided Sky, Paul and Silas, Magilla, Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove

Encore: Carolina, Good Times Bad Times

v0 mp3 .zip file

Turning back the clock nearly 20 years, here's a little gem of a show played in front of reportedly less than 500 people (which was typical back then outside their northeast stomping grounds). I find it a pretty intriguing time in the band's development: still wacky and light-hearted, but displaying some serious chops. Case in point: Tweezer, where you can hear what I assume is Fish hooting and hollering with each building block of the frenetic jam, as the whole band slaughters the relatively new song. Toss in a little secret language laugh-breakdown and you have a wild, if concise by today's standards, Tweezer. There are tons of other choice aspects of this show, so check it out! "This is a new song, it's called Cavern..."

For the remaster I used the only source in the etree database, which is a FOB Sennheiser ME80 (shnid 24375). Although a very nice source altogether, it does suffer some static-type distortion from the levels being a bit hot at recording time (my assumption). It's almost always Trey's guitar that leads to the clipping, with a couple early examples being his first mini-solo right after the first Suzy chorus, as well his two mini-solos in YEM right before the BoyManGodShit section. I ran the files through the decrackler tool in my software and am pleased that it did a nice job of minimizing the ill effects while having no other audible effect on the sound of the recording. There are a couple instances of some pretty harsh but very brief diginoise during YEM, which is mentioned in the original source text file, but I couldn't do anything about that.

Aside from those minor issues, I injected it with some amplification and some minor EQ tweaks to lend the recording a bit more pop than it had off the bat. It's clear how small this place was, as you can hear every minute contour to Mike's bass, among other things.


Friday, April 9, 2010

status update

Hey everyone! First off I'd like to thank everyone for the kind words and support - I'm so glad people have been enjoying these ghetto-fabulous remasters. I know I do! It's a lot of work but I enjoy it and figure I should do it while I have the free time....which won't be forever, but let's keep this thing going for a bit, shall we?

I feel a little status report is on order, so I'll rattle off a few thoughts. First, thanks for utilizing the request page. While I do sometimes randomly flip through the AUDs in my collection and choose one myself, it's nice working on shows you request because it lets me get to know shows that I either haven't heard before or haven't heard in years. In terms of how I go about choosing which requests to fill, it goes like this:

I put every request into a spreadsheet and organize them chronologically. If a show is requested more than once, I note that (but please don't request the same show multiple times! No worries if you've already done that but going forward it would be better not to. I want to have an accurate idea of whether several different people want a certain show done). Then I think of a year to select, since I like to mix it up and not do too many consecutive shows from the same year (although I will say, this blog will be pretty '97-'00 centric for a while, since I have been way into that period lately).

If the original sources I have for the given show are remaster material, I do it up. If not, I try another request. For the shows with multiple requests, the only times I hold off on them is if I don't have good sources to use OR if I have a project in the works that I plan on doing. For example, I've gotten multiple requests for 6/28/00, 6/29, and 6/30 so I'm planning on doing the whole Holmdel > Hartford 2000 run in one post. Look for that one hopefully soon. The shows I choose on my own are usually ones coming from years that are un(or under)represented on the blog, like the recent '93 selection and the upcoming '90 show. I realize these may not be as popular, but I think it's good to pay respect to eras past and have a good variety to select from.

Second, I wanted to toss out a heads-up that I may be a bit less productive with the blog during late April and mid-May, as I have some vacations coming up. I'll try to post a remaster right before leaving, but I won't have constant internet access to answer queries and deal with any technical difficulties. But hopefully I'll time things well and you won't notice any differences while I'm AWOL. I also may slow things down while the boys are on tour, since I spend all of my listening time on the current shows when they are on tour and I would assume many folks do the same.

And finally, I want to reiterate that I welcome feedback, good and bad. Just make it constructive if it's bad, please :). Just about all the comments I've received have been positive, but don't hesitate to speak up if there's something that irks you or a better way for me to do things. I've already been asked about using Mediafire but the 200MB file limit would be a hassle, so Megaupload it is until something better comes along. Anyway, the comment link of this post would be a good place to post general feedback. Thanks!

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11.19.97 Assembly Hall, Champaign, IL

If Hampton Coliseum is the mothership, then Assembly Hall is a UFO in its own right... show page

Set 1: Julius, Bathtub Gin -> Llama, Dirt, Limb By Limb, Funky Bitch, Theme From the Bottom, Ginseng Sullivan, Fee[1] -> Run Like an Antelope

Set 2: Also Sprach Zarathustra > Wolfman's Brother[2] -> Makisupa Policeman > Taste

Encore: Possum

[1] The segue from Fee into Antelope included Meatstick quotes.
[2] Crosseyed and Painless teases.

Notes: The segue from Fee into Antelope included Meatstick quotes. Wolfman’s Brother contained teases of Crosseyed and Painless.

v0 mp3 .zip file

Coming from arguably the hottest week in Phishtory, I won't bother saying much about this show. It has been a highly requested remaster, so here it is.

I would like to mention a few things about the source and other technical what have you. For my remaster, I decided to use the Audio Technica 815 source that was recently added to the etree database (May 26, 2009). For a long time the Nuemann u87 source was considered the reference (or at least most common) source for the show, and it is that version which is used on The Spreadsheet and My rationale for this decision was that I felt the Nuemann source sounded a bit distant and echo-y, and there was a fair amount of distracting chatter near the taper.

The at815 source sounds like it was taped in an entirely different location, but since the source info does not indicate FOB vs. OTS I would assume it's an OTS and the unique sound quality has to do with the fact that these mics are the "shotgun" style. This is a highly directional type of mic, which focuses on a narrow sound field to which it is pointing and avoids most of the noise coming from all other directions. This might give the recording a less ambient, AUD-like sound (which I usually like), but the music comes through so loud and clear in this puppy that I just had to use this source.

Aside from some EQ adjustments, the only glaring issue was that in the original source the music was biased pretty far to the left channel (even after the taper made post-production channel adjustments for that same reason), while the crowd noise and overall acoustic ambiance of the room was more naturally centered. I felt it would be a better listen if the music was brought closer to center. The downside to this is that the crowd noise/ambiance is now far to the right channel. Some listeners may be a bit put off by this, which I admit is weird at the times where there is a break in the music...but once they start playing I like the sound better since the music itself if pretty much dead center, if a tad mono-sounding. Different strokes, for sure. This may be a polarizing remaster but I hope y'all dig it.

WARNING - there are some points in the recording where distortion/clipping is pretty bad - examples: end of the Antelope jam, and the latter part of the Theme jam to a lesser degree. I tried running these sections through the de-crackler feature in my software (which has helped on occasion) but it didn't help here. In fact, I almost decided to abandon the remaster for this reason. However, after analyzing those same passages on the Nuemann source, it also has the same distortion. It's not quite as noticeable in that source, but it is still there. I'm wondering if the PA system was overloaded, or the tapers' levels...not sure. At any rate, if you can get past a couple rough moments in the recording, you will be rewarded otherwise. The funkier, more sparse segments sound so clean and with such little crowd chatter than at times it almost sounds closer to a SBD than an AUD.

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