Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well, I had hoped to have pt 3 of the June 2009 series ready today but I haven't had the time to finish it.  I made a last-minute trip to Blossom (from Boston), which was awesome!  But it took me a couple days to recover and now I'm preparing for 4 shows in the next 6 days.

At the very least, I can share my picks for which sources I will be featuring:

6/16 - Schoeps CCM41(DIN)>Sonosax sxm2>sound devices 744t (balcony front row, right of center)
6/18 - MBHO KA500 HN(DINa KwonBar/DFC/OTS/Front Rail)
6/19 - DPA 4011 TL
6/20 - Schoeps mk41 (taylorc)
6/21 - Nakamachi's

Shows will be uploaded in the next few weeks....I will resume remasters of older shows once this whirlwind tour ends.  It has been hard for me to think about anything but the current shows, they sound great!  And the SBDs sound sooooo much better than the boards from last year.


Conrad said...

cool man... see you in hartford and spac then peace

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this blog from a bt.etree torrent of the current tour. Looking forward to sampling your work and hats off to you for the effort this involves to share it others.


sage234 said...

The MPP shows were classic. Really were some of the best Phish shows I've ever seen.

Now that the 1st leg of summer is over, do you have a short list of "must-have" summer audience sources? I need some guidance with so many sources out there.

Kenny Powers said...

i'm way behind on comparing the AUDs - plan on doing alot of that next Tuesday on my day off.

HOWEVER i have compared all 6/11 Chi sources and can say the AKG source takes the cake! the Nuemann skm150 is almost identical but is 2nd on my list.

Taylor Caine's AUDs are generally very very good, although his 6/11 FOB is way too strong on the bass. He's usually a safe bet otherwise for an above average AUD.

Doctor_i said...

Surprised to see that the Telefunken source isn't your pick for SPAC. Thanks for all your hard work here!

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