Sunday, January 31, 2010

update - shows now available in v0 mp3

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Kenny Powers said...

After some reader requests on another board and a little technological discovery, I've decided I'm going to make all of my remasters available in v0 mp3 format in addition to AAC and FLAC. You can read more about why I had decided previously to go w/ AAC instead of mp3 by scrolling to one of my first posts, but the reasons for the change of heart are:

Being the non-pro that I am, I never knew until now that you can convert from FLAC directly to mp3 by using Foobar, Trader's Little Helper, and possibly other programs? At any rate I thought before that offering up the shows in mp3 would mean even more CD-ripping and ID-tagging, which would be super tedious on top of everything else. But I just tried converting 12.30.99 from FLAC to v0 mp3 using Foobar (via LAME 3.98.2), and it was not only super easy but kept all of the ID tag info! For some reason I didn't think FLAC tags remained after conversion.

Also, I realized that although the ID tags stay, it strips the filename of the numerals (if anyone knows a way around that please post to the comment page), so when you open your folder all of the tracks are in alphabetical order. That would drive me crazy so I'm assuming the same would go for some of y'all. So I figured I would re-tag the filenames for you so it stays in order. I'm good like that.

Lastly, although I still like the size/quality aspect of 128 kbps AAC, I realize many folks prefer v0 mp3 (which is variable but usually ~ 256 kbps) and I don't want to make people jump through hoops by downloading the much larger FLAC folders only to convert later themselves.

Anyway I will be going back and adding the mp3 options for the previous remasters, but for now I've just done so with 12.30.99. I'll do 12.31.99 tomorrow night I hope.


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