Sunday, January 20, 2013

Here's the FLAC (and ALAC) of my 10/2/99 remaster

Thanks to oneshowatatime for hooking me up with the link to his ALAC version, which is decoded and re-encoded to FLAC for more universality.

Click here to access my Google Drive remaster folder for the FLAC.

Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Ice.

Was tickled pink to wake up to this.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Who's got my heady 10/2/99 FLAC or mp3 remaster???

I only can find the AAC version, which I just uploaded to my Google Drive folder and changed the link on the blog post for that show.

If you or anyone you know has the original zip files from for either the mp3 or FLAC, please shoot me an email so I can get those up here.



Sunday, December 2, 2012

Linky Linky

You can either use the "show index" in the upper right column of my home page to find each show's blog post with links,

or you can bookmark my new Google Drive folder with all things remaster (and Leaked SBDs Projects)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The links for most of my remasters are now fixed. Will be storing on my Google Drive in v0 mp3

Hey folks, I just wanted to address some of the sporadic requests/inquiries about how people can get my remasters, now that every sharing site I previously posted them on has been borked by the Feds.

I just got myself a Chromebook which I am fucking thrilled to bits about, and it comes with 100GB of free Drive storage for 2 years.  Epic win right there.

Anyway the FLAC versions will just clog up too much room so I'm going to upload just the v0 versions.  If you really want the FLACs just do a couple searches, there should be enough heads out there with the files to share with you.

As for any plans for future remasters, I assure you i will do more at some point.  I've just been super busy, and also the fine folks at etree have been uploading so many new sources of old shows lately that the longer I wait, the better crop of possible choices is available to me.

Hope everyone is well.  I just passed 4 months sober and I feel incredible.  Life still has its challenges but being sober and present makes it so, so much easier.  Anyone out there who's been wanting to try it but is scared, you're not alone.  I say go for it.  You've got nothing to lose and the universe to gain.  Take it from a raging alcoholic who quit cold turkey and hasn't looked back.  It can be done.



Monday, October 8, 2012

New AUD remaster: 12/3/97 Philly

Finally got around to finishing this.  12/2/95 is still on the way but the source has some major technical shortcomings so it's taking longer than expected...not enough time!  The files are tagged and have artwork, and I included the mp3 of My Soul unaltered for comparison.  As always I've listed the Etree source number in the comment field of all tracks.  Big thanks to the original taper, transferrer, and seeder.

v0 mp3 .zip file

Rock on, people.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Delays, delays....

Sorry bout the delays, folks.  I got halfway there, then got crazy busy, then leg II started so I've been catching up w/ that...anyway the two remasters below should be done soon!  Now that Demonoid is gone, I'll find some other temporary solution.
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